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Environmental and Sustainability Commitment

At HomerWood, we are committed to protecting the communities and environments in the Appalachian Hardwood Region where we extract, process and manufacture our wood flooring products.

As a member of the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc., we are proud to contribute to the continued successful growth and sustainability of one of our most precious natural resources, our forests.

After 75 years of forest management and utilization, the Appalachian Hardwood Forest is more than sustainable: it is adding 2.29 trees for every single tree harvested. In short, the Appalachian Forest is healthy and it is growing.

In fact, we have more trees today than we had 70 years ago. More trees are being planted each year. Net annual tree growth on the nation's commercial forest land exceeds removals through harvesting by an impressive 31% each year, and the amount of wood in our nation's forests continues to increase. We have added 28 million cubic feet of wood since 1977.

In addition to our stewardship of the forests where we harvest our raw materials, we carry this same commitment into our manufacturing facilities. At our plant in Titusville, Pa, we are proud to be a Zero Percent Waste company. All of our wood fiber bi-products from manufacturing are utilized; even the saw dust. Our scrap is captured via conveyors throughout the plant and recycled into fuel pellets by a third party. We also re-circulate the heat from our bag houses which collect the saw dust and this heat is used to help keep our factory warm during the winter months saving traditional energy consumption.

We know you care about our environment and want to do your part to help. When you choose a floor from HomerWood, you can rest assured that you are making a difference.