Homerwood Premium Hardwood Flooring Allow nature to customize your floor

You deserve the natural beauty, elegance and distinction
of custom- designed hardwood floors — created especially
for you, by HomerWood.

Showcase the stunning beauty of our hardwood with this gorgeous Oil Finish, enhancing the natural graining. An Oil Finish does not alter the elegant beauty of the wood, with no visual film on the surface and instead enhances the rich patina of your floor. Our Oil Finish provides a professionally finished floor that you can walk on right away and a visual that can only be achieved by our custom mill.

No residue. Repairable. Natural. This finish is available in all species.

Since our Oil Finish is repairable and can be re-oiled at home, we do not offer our residential finish warranty, as we do in our traditional aluminum oxide finishes.

Expected Maintenance:

  • Varies with usage.
  • High traffic may need touch up products within a few months.
  • Low traffic may need touch up products after a year or more.
Maintenance Products:
  • To regularly clean your UV oil floor, use products such as WOCA Natural Soap.
  • Once a year, use products such as WOCA Oil Refresher.
  • To repair scratches, use products such as WOCA Maintenance Paste.

Visit WOCA's website for full product information at www.woodcareusa.com or call 1-800-242-8160.

HomerWood does not endorse, nor sell WOCA maintenance products for UV Oil.


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